Basic Steps To Follow In Preparing A Home Studio

Music is a universal language that everyone enjoys but only some have the musical talent to create it whether it is in terms of playing a musical instrument or composing music. However, establishing a home studio to help other musicians to play in or for yourself can be much more convenient than commercial high end studios. Setting it up can be overwhelming but the basics are straightforward and with a little bit of focus and commitment it can be planned efficiently. A few basic steps are outlined below:

Basic mapping of the set up

A recording studio Dubai is not just about the musical gear and the musicians that come and go. You will need to organize the procedures meticulously from setting up the recording system like microphones and digital recorders, monitor system with the amplifiers and speakers. Headphones and mic with cables are all the basic gear that needs to be stocked at the start.

Setting up a home recording studio would approximately cost around USD 400. When buying gear it is necessary to think of it as an art and not a science, therefore frugality works because the higher the price tag does not necessarily mean higher the quality.

Invest in a powerful computer

One of the best and costliest investments you will have to make is in a powerful computer with a large RAM or storage space. This will help with speed and smooth music production without any glitches. Along with this, choosing the right recording software is essential as this will help save the audios and edit them instantaneously. Few examples would be Garageband and ProTools.

Musical instruments

Most musicians like to record from their own musical instruments, however this makes the studio engineer’s job tougher as they have to adjust their equipment to fit in with new instruments but it is advised to have some gear readily available so that studio engineers can achieve their own rhythms and sound if the musicians own does not work as planned. Visit this site to learn more about the leading voice over talent company in Dubai.


Soundproofing the recording room will help achieve two objectives, one is to block outside noise and the other is to give a higher quality of sound by blocking out excessive acoustic vibrations. Although professional soundproofing methods may be highly expensive, this can be avoided by choosing a room without windows and heavy or thick walls as insulation. Afterwards, it’s all about setting up the microphones and the vocal booth in their respective places aligned in appropriate distances from the amplifiers; for example so that the musicians are not hindered in any way.