Screening Your Car’s Window The Right Way

Adding screens to your car at times is necessary. Many a times, car owners also get it done to add an aesthetic value to their vehicle. In fact, there are several reasons for opting for these films.

Things to know

Different countries have different rules when it comes to getting your car windows’ tinted. Hence before you opt for window film Dubai, make sure that you do follow the requirements of your country or city that you live in. Adhering to the legal rules of your place is of paramount importance to avoid facing any type of unpleasant conditions.

Types of Tinting

Through several car tinting deals Dubai available online you can explore a wide range of options to choose for your vehicle. From the very easy and simple dyed ones to the stylish looking hybrid ones, you have tons of options available for your car.

The 4 popular types

1. Deposited film is basically a film that is vacuum sealed. It is in a tank which has nickel or aluminum. Since the tank has the presence of very hot gas, it eventually leads to the windows of the car getting coated with it. This way the window gets a dark surface.

2. Then there is another kind of film, which is dyed for heat blockage. This tends to be a very cost-effective option amongst the lot, and is not highly durable like the others.

3. The third kind has metal which gets bombarded with positive ions at an atomic level in the sputtered film type. Then the particles are collected in ultra-clear polyester or simply in a very basic film which later gets attached to the window. No kind of pigment or dye is used in the case of sputtered film, and the metals which are used here will also not get oxidized. Sputtered film is quite famous for having lesser amount of reflection and this way you get a very clear view.

4. There is the forth kind of window tinting technique known as the hybrid film. Here several processes are combined together, and it mostly involves dying of metal and dyed film. You achieve less reflection with a smooth, overall darkness level. It comes with a high amount of UV blocking potential. This is why it is regarded as one of the best bets to opt for.

Cost of Getting Your Car Tinted

The overall cost of getting your vehicle tinted would depend on the kind of film you are ultimately opting for. Performance warranty is again something that needs to be considered along with how credible the company is, which is providing you the above mentioned services.